Enjoy The Peace In Cam Kim Island 1/2 Day By Cycling | Delicious My Quang Noodles

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Enjoy The Peace In Cam Kim Island 1/2 Day By Cycling | Delicious My Quang Noodles

  • VNM-C05
  • Half day
  • Da Nang/ Hoi An
  • Hoi An
  • Daily


Cam Kim Island is a picturesque island located just a short boat ride away from Hoi An in Vietnam. It offers a tranquil escape from the bustling streets of Hoi An and provides an opportunity to explore the local way of life. To reach Cam Kim Island, you can take a short ferry ride from Hoi An’s ancient town to Duy Vinh village, which is located on the island. The ferry ride is only a few minutes long and offers scenic views of the Thu Bon River.

The highlight of Cam Kim Island:
1. Cycling and Walking:
Cam Kim Island is known for its beautiful countryside scenery and is best explored on foot or by bicycle. Rent a bicycle in Hoi An or hire a local guide who can take you around the island. The roads are flat and relatively quiet, making it a pleasant and leisurely ride.


2. Traditional Crafts:
Cam Kim Island is renowned for its traditional craft villages. You can visit local workshops and observe artisans practicing their skills. Woodworking is the most prominent craft on the island, with skilled craftsmen producing furniture, carvings, and wooden boats. Take the opportunity to witness their craftsmanship and learn about their techniques.


3. Mat Weaving:
Mat weaving is another traditional craft on Cam Kim Island. You can visit mat-weaving households where local women skillfully create beautiful mats using natural materials. It’s fascinating to watch the intricate weaving process and learn about the cultural significance of mats in Vietnamese households.


4. Rural Life and Scenic Views:
As you explore Cam Kim Island, you’ll pass by rice fields, fruit orchards, and traditional houses. Enjoy the serene atmosphere, interact with friendly locals, and soak in the rural charm of the island. You can also find some scenic spots where you can capture beautiful photos of the countryside and the river.

Suitable travelers:
15km ride through villages and rice fields this tour is suitable for all cycling experience levels.
• This tour is suitable for families who travel with kids. Kids are half-price on their parent’s bikes!
• This tour is suitable for travelers who love to discover the real hidden Vietnam!


Included / Excluded

1 pax
2 pax
3 pax
4 pax
5 pax
6 pax +

– English-speaking guide.
– Bicycle rental with a cycling helmet.
– Entrance fee for activities that are mentioned on the itinerary.
– Visit families and get to know their daily lives activities.
– Meals as mentioned on the itinerary.
– Water and snacks.
– Personal expenses.
– Tips for tour guides and involved parties.
– Travel insurance.
– Things not mentioned on the itinerary.
– Kids riding their own bikes will be the same price as adults.
– Kids staying on their parent’s bikes, which will be half-price.
– Cancelation will be a full charge if not informed by email 1 day in advance.