FAQ Traveling to Vietnam

Do I need a visa to travel to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand?

A visa is required for Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and Thailand, but it depends on which nationality you are. Some of them are free for your stay for up to 15 days.

For Vietnam, you can click here to make an e-visa: https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/en_US/web/guest/trang-chu-ttdt

If you are not on the list of countries that allowed E-visa issuing, we will help you to make a VOA (visa on arrival) at the international airports.

For Cambodia: you can make a visa at the international airports then.

Why should I use Thomas Travel?

We provide the finer details and personal touch that help make your holiday a pleasant and unforgettable adventure by creating an authentic travel experience based on your personal and unique wants and needs.

A private tour means you have your own tour guide, and your own driver and you don’t share a tour with other travelers. This gives you the freedom to see and do what you want to and enjoy the activities and meals that suit you.

What kind of support can I expect while on holiday?

We at Thomas Travel are here for you every step of the way, from your initial inquiry until you leave for home. We not only help you plan the holiday you want to experience, but we also remain in contact with you and our guides to ensure everything is going smoothly and to your requirements. Should you have a few days discovering on your own and need assistance we are there for you 24 hours a day to offer advice or to book another adventure on your holiday.

FAQ – For more information email info@thomastravelvietnam.com or send us an inquiry through our website.

FAQ traveling to Vietnam 5. How much will my trip cost?

The cost of your trip will depend on your wants and needs like the type of accommodation you prefer, how you prefer to travel and the experiences and memories you wish to take home.

For more information email info@thomastravelvietnam.com

Are the guides experienced and qualified?

Our guides are all qualified in tourism and are personally selected by our Director, a veteran tour guide himself. They are all local guides and share a common quality of passion for their job and country. Their extensive historical and cultural knowledge will provide you with all the information you need to ensure you get the best from your trip.

FAQ traveling to Vietnam 7. How many guides will I have?

We will provide you with as many guides as necessary to ensure your experience is of the highest order.

What if I need medical attention on my trip?

In the unlikely case that you will require medical attention on your holiday Thomas Travel will be with you every step of the way, from having your guide stay with you to ensure communication is clear to then making sure your trip continues without problems.

FAQ traveling to Vietnam 9. What kind of trip information do you provide?

Before your departure, you will receive a detailed “pre-trip” planner where we inform you of simple things like what the weather is suggestions on what to pack, and a range of information that will help you prepare for your journey. Importantly this is not a guidebook but a concise and specifically put-together dossier related to your individual wants and needs.

Your travel designer is also available online to answer any last-minute questions you may have and even ensure you have transport to your accommodation from the airport or to book a dinner reservation for you on arrival. Think of us as your online concierge.

What currency should I bring?

In Vietnam, it is best to bring VND (Dong), in Thailand you should bring THB (Bhat) but in Cambodia and Laos USD is preferred. There are plenty of ATMs around the cities and towns but there is usually a limit to the amount you can withdraw at one time.

FAQ traveling to Vietnam 11. Can I use my credit card everywhere?

International and large hotels and some restaurants and bars will take credit cards but it is best to have local currency as Sth East Asia is a mostly cashed-based society.

Is the Wi-Fi safe?

It is advisable to use caution when in public Wi-Fi, there is plenty of free Wi-Fi available in the cities alternatively you can purchase local Sim cards at a very reasonable cost at the airport upon arrival.

Can I drink the water?

No, It is strongly recommended that you drink bottled water

Are there clothing restrictions on visiting cultural sites?

Whilst there are no specific dress standards males are required to wear a shirt and ladies should cover their knees and shoulders when visiting temples.

FAQ traveling to Vietnam 15. Is there a tipping culture?

There is no culture of tipping but it is appreciated for good services provided.

Do you cater to specific dietary needs?

Yes, if you have specific requirements please let us know so we can ensure your needs are met.