The Insider’s Hanoi 4,5 Hours | What’s attractive? Have Fun with Vespa Tour

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The Insider’s Hanoi 4,5 Hours | What’s attractive? Have Fun with Vespa Tour

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  • Half day
  • Ha Noi
  • Ha Noi
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With a Vespa as your mode of transportation, venture into lesser-explored neighborhoods and districts of Hanoi. Discover local markets, alleyways, and residential areas that are not usually frequented by tourists. Your guide can take you to hidden gems and share stories about the history and culture of each place. Vespa Tour. 

The Highlight of  the Insider’s Ha Noi:

1. Engage with Locals: Riding on a Vespa allows you to connect with locals and experience Hanoi’s vibrant street life. Interact with street vendors, artisans, and residents you encounter along the way. Your guide can help facilitate conversations and provide insights into Vietnamese culture and traditions.

2. Visit Unique Attractions: In addition to exploring neighborhoods, a Vespa tour can take you to unique attractions and landmarks in Hanoi. These may include lesser-known temples, pagodas, historical sites, or hidden viewpoints that offer panoramic views of the city. Your guide will share the historical and cultural significance of each place you visit.

3. Capture Memorable Moments: With Hanoi’s picturesque streets and vibrant scenes, a Vespa tour provides excellent opportunities for photography. Capture the energy of the city, the colorful architecture, and the everyday life of Hanoians. Your guide can point out photogenic spots and offer tips to capture the best shots.

4. Flexible Duration and Routes: Vespa tours can be tailored to your preferred duration and routes. Whether you have a few hours or a full day, you can design the tour to fit your schedule.


Included / Excluded

– Vintage Vespa.
– Professional drive.
– Full-face helmets.
– English-speaking tour guides.
– Lunch.
– All entrance fees & cold water throughout.
– Pick-up and Drop-off.
– Raincoats (if needed).